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CJO Bulgogi Sauce for Beef 840g

CJO Bulgogi Sauce for Beef 840g

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A pride of a famous house, a recipe of a famous house. It is a pride of the famous family who has been doing for 30 years and continues to have a deep flavor of tradition.
Prideful in the name house, stubbornly from the raw materials. We use abundant fruits and garlic, 100% brewed soy sauce and domestic pear, apple.
Pride of a famous house, with the best recipe of a famous house. It makes use of the taste of meat further in the recipe in which the secret law of only the famous house was put.
The pride of the famous house, the 30-year know-how remains. We will protect the taste and nutrition of Korean meat with the technology cultivated over 30 years.

How to enjoy delicious meat
* Chungjungwon sauce is prepared with meat, and please enjoy it with fruits and vegetables according to your preference.
(100 g of meat = 20 g of sauce)
* Fill for at least 30 minutes, and if you put it in the refrigerator for 8 hours or more, the taste will be even better.

Cooking suggestions
* Small beef meatballs, mushroom hotpot, pot meatballs, pork nabe, meatballs, rolled rice / rice balls / minced meat sauce

Shake well before use
Must be cooked
Refrigerate after opening

This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities such as crab, shrimp, tomato, beef and milk products.!

Net : 840g

Product of Korea



Sugar, Soy Sauce (Water, Defatted Soybean, Wheat, Sea Salt, Rice Syrup, Alcohol, Flavour Enhancer (E627, E631), Sweetener (E955)), Water, Salt, Yeast Extract, Garlic, Alcohol (To Preserve Freshness), Ginger, Black Pepper Powder, Flavour Enhancer (E627, E631), Modified Corn Starch (E1422), Acidity Regulator (E330), Thickener (E415).


Nutrition per serving 100g

Energy 167 kcal
- of which saturated
- of which sugar
29 g
Protein 3.7 g
Natrium (Salt) 5.1 g
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