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Bibigo Yeolmu Young Radish Kimchi, 500g

Bibigo Yeolmu Young Radish Kimchi, 500g

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Bibigo Kimchi is made with a good ingredient that respects the taste of nature and reproduces delicious and healthy kimchi. This traditional Korean kimchi is prepared by carefully selecting high quality materials from korean mainland. 100% natural salt makes crispy texture and natural chili sauce with natural chili sauce.

• It uses high quality red pepper powder to capture the delicious color of kimchi.
• 100% natural sun salt gives crisp texture.
• It uses Hasunjung's specially made stew with salt twice to add the rich and rich flavor of kimchi.

This item will be packed with cool gel (cooling shipping). Please store in the fridge and do not freeze.
Optimal storage between 1°C-2°C



Salted Young Radish 44.0% (Young Radish, Sea Salt), Salted Napa Cabbage (Napa Cabbage, Sea Salt), Water, Onion, Red Pepper, Garlic, Green Onion, Thickening Agent [Water, Sea Salt, Thickener (E415)], Fermented Sauce [Fermented Anchovy Sauce, Kelp Stock (Water, Sweetener (E420(i)), Kelp Extract, Fructose), Seasoning Sauce (Water, Sweetener (E420(i)), Shrimp Extract, Thickener (E415), Yeast Extract)], Red Pepper Powder, Green Pepper, Sea Salt, Ginger, Sweetener (E965(i)), Fermented Anchovy Sauce (Anchovy, Sea Salt), Sweetener (E420(i)), Starter Culture (Hydrolysed Soy Protein), Pear Puree [Pear, Antioxidant (E300)], Fructose.


Nutrition per 100 grams

Energy 142kj/34kcal
- of which saturated
- of which sugar
Protein 2.1g
Natrium (Salt) 1.5g
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