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LOTTE Chum Churum Yuza Soju 360ml

LOTTE Chum Churum Yuza Soju 360ml

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Korean Soju with Citron-Yuza flavour. Chumchurum Yuza Soju is fruity and smooth. This Mixju (Soju with Flavour) is very popular not only for classic sojulovers.

Soju with a mellow drinking sensation like a cocktail. Sunhari means "pale, mellow, and palatable." Even if you are not good at drinking the basic Soju as it is, it is okay to drink it as it is because the taste of citron is refreshing and refreshing taste!

*** Age restriction Please note that these products are subject to an age restriction. This product contains alcohol and must not be given to anyone under the legal age. With your order you confirm that you have the legal minimum age.

Product of Korea



Ethyl alcohol (95% CLA/VOL, distilled from tapioca grains (75%), whole grain rice (25%)), corn syrup (high fructose content), citric acid, Citron(yuza) flavouring, water


Nutrition per serving 360 ml

Energy 1883 KJ / 450 kcal
- of which saturated
0 g
- of which sugar
0 g
Protein  g
Natrium (Salt) 0 mg
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