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SEMPIO Buckwheat Tea (1.5g*40tb)

SEMPIO Buckwheat Tea (1.5g*40tb)

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1. Buckwheat grain is washed with clean water to make it more clean. It is the first in the industry to apply a water shower system to wash every grain with water, making it cleaner and more pure.
2. Tadari buckwheat has more than 100 times more routine ingredients than regular mail. Tatari buckwheat, grown in the clean Inner Mongolia region under strong sunlight, has a routine content of up to 100 times higher than that of ordinary buckwheat, helping modern people to manage health.
3. Only 100% organic ingredients are used. Only organic raw materials that have not used pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years have been carefully selected.
4. Passing the demanding quality inspection, it is more reliable. From raw material harvesting to product packaging, we thoroughly manage 200 items of quality inspection.
5. It is more pure by using unbleached tea bags. Used 100% unbleached tea bag for my child's health.

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      Nutrition per 100 grams

      Energy 0 KJ / 0 kcal
      - of which saturated
      0 g
      - of which sugar
      0 g
      Protein 0 g
      Natrium (Salt) 0 g
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