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SEMPIO Corn Tassel Tea (1.5g*20tb)

SEMPIO Corn Tassel Tea (1.5g*20tb)

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Sempio Organic Corn Tassel Tea! Lighten up your lines with 100% organic corn and corn beard grown in fertile black soil.

1. Contains clean organic ingredients grown in fertile black soil. It contains only organic corn beard and corn grown clean and healthy in Samgang Plain, one of the world's three largest black soil regions.
2. Wash the corn and corn beard one by one to make it more clean. Sunjak is the first in the industry to apply a water shower system to wash each grain of grain with clear running water to make it cleaner and more pure.
3. Steaming and roasting with high pressure steam to make it more savory. Steamed once with high-pressure steam and mild roasted to bring out the original flavor and aroma of fragrant tea.
4. It has passed strict quality inspection, so it is more reliable. From raw material harvest to product packaging, we thoroughly manage 200 items of quality inspection.

    Product of Korea



      Corn Tassel


      Nutrition per 100 grams

      Energy 0 KJ / 0 kcal
      - of which saturated
      0 g
      - of which sugar
      0 g
      Protein 0 g
      Natrium (Salt) 0 g
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