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ASSI Organic Red Beans 850g

ASSI Organic Red Beans 850g

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Red Beans by Assi are delicious Korean red beans filled with a unique nutty flavor and delicately sweet aroma. Adding these lip-smacking red beans will give your dishes a taste of smooth sweetness and earthiness.

Red beans are smaller in size, rounder, much brighter in color, and have a more bean-like, nutty flavor compared to red kidney beans. Red beans are mainly used for baking pastries and desserts. You’ll often come across red kidney beans, as they are commonly paired with rice.

Red Beans by Assi can be enjoyed with white rice, roasted chicken, salads, and stews. Red beans are widely enjoyed in various cuisines around the world, so bring these red beans home for your family to enjoy.



Red Beans 100%


Nutrition per 100 grams

Energy 60 kcal
- of which saturated
0 g
0 g
- of which sugar
26 g
0 g
Protein 8 g
Natrium (Salt) 0 g
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