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ROYAL ORIENT Canned Baby Corn 425g

ROYAL ORIENT Canned Baby Corn 425g

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Royal Orient Canned Baby corn is a delicious addition to your kitchen pantry. It makes a fine addition to salads, soups and many other dishes. This vegetable has a crisp texture with lots of bite, plus its famous bumpy exterior. You can use the baby corn right from the can or cook it to soften it up. This product is a staple of various Asian and other cuisines. As a low-calorie food, it's an ideal addition to any regular or specialty meal plan.



    Young baby corn, Water, Salt, Citric Acid.


    Nutrition per 100 grams

    Energy 126KJ / 30 kcal
    - of which saturated
    0 g
    - of which sugar
    5.8 g
    1.6 g
    Protein 1.6 g
    Natrium (Salt) 0.6 g
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